Emergency services are at your disposal round the clock

Healthcare emergency may happen to anyone. When you have faced an emergency situation requiring professional medical services, the Center for Emergencies and Traumas is exactly the place to get the necessary urgent help.

High-quality services are at your disposal 24\7 as emergencies are unpredictable. Emergency Department has only professional staff being able to react appropriately when there is such a need. Any kind of healthcare emergency can be quickly dealt with in the Center providing instant care for everyone who faced an emergency.

More about emergency services

Emergency Medical Assistance is a system for organizing round-the-clock emergency medical care in case of life-threatening conditions and diseases at the address, at the scene of the accident and on the way to the treatment and prophylactic institutions. The main feature of emergency medical care, which distinguishes it from other types of medical care is the speed of action. A dangerous condition occurs suddenly, and the patient, as a rule, is away from people who are able to provide professional medical assistance, therefore it is required to deliver him to the doctors as soon as possible. Care of patients begins in the field and is until you feel fine going home. The treatment in the Emergency department room starts after asking you some basic personal details like your name and date of birth. All necessary procedures are provided, including any scans or tests to perform diagnose.

When can a person use emergency services?

Emergency medical services are provided when there are all life-threatening diseases and pathological conditions, such as myocardial infarction, progressive angina, acute arisen irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia), cerebrovascular accident (stroke), choking, trauma, life-threatening, bleeding with life-threatening shock of any cause, any cause poisoning, electric shock and burns, frostbite, cramps, drowning, hanging, acute psychosis, loss of consciousness, anaphylaxis and allergic rashes in conjunction with a high second temperature, abdominal pain, urgent and home births, and many others.

Ambulances are equipped with all necessary EKG capabilities. Patients are guaranteed to have fast response at the site of emergency. The team of specially trained staff is able to provide an appropriate help rapidly and effectively.