The Foundation makes the healthcare services available to everyone

Trinity Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization, which supports the Trinity Medical Center with the help of charitable contributions. The only aim of the organization is to provide you with the necessary healthcare services of high quality. Residents of Fort Dodge and Northwest Iowa are able to enjoy top-notch quality medical care provided to everyone in need.

Donating money you make a contribution to somebody’s life

Those who donate money to the Trinity Health Foundation may be 100% sure that all money is spent to improve the quality of the healthcare services provided in the Trinity Health Center. When you want to donate money, you have an opportunity to choose any department at the Trinity Health Center to direct money to. You may be proud of yourself giving Foundation a chance to provide the necessary help to people who need any kind of mental and physical health treatment.

Foundation accept donations from individuals, families, corporations and other organizations that are ready to give a gift to somebody in need. Your donations are going to support a lot of various projects and special medical programs. Remember that the most precious gift is health. By giving money to our Foundation you make it possible for people seeking for medical help get the top class healthcare services provided by the team of qualified experts who work in the Trinity Medical Center. You can choose among different giving options you by visiting the website of the Foundation. With your help the medical center is able to have the modern medical equipment, hire the best specialists and provide patients with the greater comfort.

When you donate to the Trinity Foundation, you become Foundation's partner in caring whom they appreciate. Together partners are able to save a lot of lives.