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Mental Health

Berryhill Center for Mental Health
720 Kenyon Road

Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501


Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm

A Variety of Emotional and Mental Health Services

The Berryhill Center of Mental Health, an outpatient mental health clinic, offers a wide variety of mental health services and support groups.

Psychiatric Evaluations are used to assess the individual's mental health problems, and determine the best course of treatment and level of service to be provided by the Center staff or other professionals.

Counseling and Psychotherapy provide an outlet for individuals to discuss their problems on a confidential basis and receive assistance in learning to cope with the problem. Individual, couple, family and group therapies are available.

Confidential adult and adolescent evaluations along with individual and group counseling are available.

Emergency Assistance is available 24 hours a day. During Center operating hours, call the Center at 515.955.7171 or 800.482.8305. A therapist will get back to the caller as soon as possible and will schedule an appointment for them that day if it is needed. Night and weekend emergencies should call the same number.

Community Support Service offers people with long term mental health problems a range of services to assist them in living a quality life as independently as possible. Services available to this population include: therapy, home visits, service coordination, crisis assistance, problem solving, advocacy, monitoring of medication, symptom management, education and family support. Calhoun, Hamilton, Kossuth and Webster Counties are served.


Mental Health Telehealth is generally described as the use of telecommunication equipment to link mental health and/or substance abuse providers and consumers in different locations. Telehealth is sometimes referred to as telepsychiatry, however treatment professionals other than psychiatrists may use telehealth.
Telehealth technology allows for the provision of quality behavioral health services, including interactive consultation between a consumer and a professional, assessments, pharmacological management, clinical counseling and consumer screening, with greater access and frequency, and without the additional cost of staff travel or unnecessary consumer transport. Telehealth has been proven to result in many benefits to consumers as well as treatment professionals and funding agencies. Some of the benefits include:

• increase access mental health providers
• reduce travel costs, staff time, and per diem costs for consultants
• increase elements of continuity of care and professional contact
• increase urban to rural areas skill pools through information transfer
• increase speed and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment


Informal findings suggest that telehealth improves continuity of care for rural consumers, increases family and consumer involvement in treatment, and reduces lengths of stays and readmission rates to state psychiatric facilities. Participant satisfaction surveys reveal that consumers perceive telehealth services as
worthwhile, of high quality, and worth continuing.

ACTION (Assertive Community Treatment In Our Neighborhood) provides assistance to people with the most serious mental illnesses by providing intensive treatment, support and rehabilitative services at home and in the community. These include medication treatment, counseling, day-to-day problem solving, vocational services, and treatment of substance abuse.

Consultation Services are available to professionals and organizations such as medical doctors, clergy, social service providers, nursing facilities, etc. to assist in defining and resolving mental health problems and issues as they relate to a particular person, program or to the community.

Educational Programs and materials are available to groups, service agencies, businesses and organizations on a variety of mental health topics. The purpose of these programs is to increase the public's understanding of ways of achieving good mental health as well as the warning signs of mental illness.