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UnityPoint Health - Trinity

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Grateful for Exceptional Care Close to Home

Mark Hambleton never dreamed he would face a heart attack in 1995 when his children were only six and three, but he did. At the time, Trinity had a limited cardiology program and did not have a cardiac cath lab or a cardiothoracic surgeon. For this reason Mark was sent to Iowa Methodist in Des Moines by Life Flight. A shocked mother of two young children, Jane, Mark's wife, quickly found caretakers for her children and then rushed to Des Moines to be with her husband. "It was really hard on Jane to be away from our children for two weeks. She lived out of a suitcase, the kids were confused, and we didn't know anyone at the hospital," recalls Mark.


When his second heart attack happened six years later, Jane drove him to UnityPoint Health - Trinity as soon as Mark told her he did not feel good. "I am so thankful that Iowa Heart was here in Fort Dodge at that time. Our children were older, they could visit me; Jane could be with the children to answer all their questions. Seeing the kids everyday was reassuring for them - and good for me," shares Mark.


Mark works as the Credit/Safety Manager for Pro-Cooperative in Pocahontas. Frequently traveling to 15 different grain locations to detect or observe potential safety hazards is a routine part of his job. In July 2010, Mark was working to help put out a fire in a grain bin and noticed tightness in his chest. It went away, so he did not mention it until he felt the same tightness again.more than four months later. When he shared this with Jane, she immediately called Iowa Heart to make an appointment.


While taking a stress test, the machine was suddenly shut off and they left the room. "I thought to myself, 'This can't be good they must be having a conference about my condition,'" remembers Mark.


This time Mark would need a triple coronary artery graft - also known as bypass surgery. "Jane was very worried with the diagnosis; she had gone through this procedure with her father and knew the seriousness of the surgery.


The doctors and staff were so good to explain what was going to go on, they patiently answered all our questions," commented Mark. "Sister Trudy visited me before surgery; her visit gave me such comfort. She is an angel at Trinity - walking the halls; you don't know how lucky you are to have her at the hospital," said Mark.


During the procedure, Jane was in the family waiting room and saw Sister Trudy coming her way. She said to herself, "I do not want to talk to anyone, I just want to be left alone." Sister Trudy sat down in the waiting room and then moved closer to Jane's chair. "Sister Trudy struck up a conversation with me whether I wanted to talk or not," Jane remembers with a smile, "Pretty soon we were chatting away, and what Sister Trudy had to say made me feel a lot better about everything. I was so glad I talked to her, she knew exactly what to say to me."


"The surgery went fine, but I did have some complications afterwards. The hospital was able to bring in a pulmonologist from Trimark Pulmonology to monitor my breathing," stated Mark.


"They were great; they worked with my Iowa Heart team and the hospital nurses to get my breathing and heart rate back on track. My stay at Trinity was so nice.


Being from Fort Dodge, I knew a lot of the hospital staff, our priests could visit me, people I knew from church brought me communion. We were so thankful to stay in Fort Dodge for my procedure."


A few weeks after his surgery, Mark entered the cardiac rehabilitation program at Trinity Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab. "The cardiac rehab after care is a wonderful program. I can't say enough nice things about the staff. The six weeks of classes gave me the motivation to get right back into a routine and they prepared me to go back to my normal activities. I had a schedule; I had to get up every day and work to get my strength back and I can confidently say I know my 5!"