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Growing my Passion. My Heart Care, My Trinity.

After more than a decade of being diagnosed with heart disease, Marian Renken takes comfort in knowing she has exceptional care close to home.


Before UnityPoint Health - Trinity had a Cardiac Cath Lab, even before Iowa Heart Center had a clinic in Fort Dodge, Marian experienced problems with her heart, including arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation. Because Trinity did not offer a full compliment of Cardiology services Marian traveled to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for her healthcare. She became very comfortable with her physicians there and did not question the three hours of travel time. During that time she experienced a "blind" heart attack and had one stent placed in a blocked artery of her heart, with a second major blockage not in a position to safely perform any intervention.


"I doctored at Mayo for many years and yet, always knew that Trinity could provide medical care if I really needed it," said Marian. In January 2001 Marian had a surgical procedure performed at Trinity. "My surgery was completely unrelated to my heart issues. However, it gave me great piece of mind to know that a cardiologist was available if I experienced complications with my heart," shares Marian. "You just never know how your body will react to surgery-that's why it is important to have a cardiologist and other specialists available to provide assistance if needed. It gives you and your family a real sense of security."


It was not long after that surgery at Trinity that Marian transferred her records from Mayo Clinic to Iowa Heart. "My primary physician at Mayo recommended I continue care from Iowa Heart and Trinity. He told me they could provide just as good care plus they were closer and more convenient. Sometimes, time is of the essence. I switched without a second thought." It made sense to Marian - 20 minutes is a lot closer than three hours and her physician was confident in the ability of both Iowa Heart and Trinity.

A few years later Marian learned firsthand why UnityPoint Health - Trinity is a Top 100 Heart Hospital.
"I had another heart attack just a couple of weeks after returning from a family trip to Europe. I'm thankful it happened when it did and not on the trip," shared Marian. "I was sitting at the computer one evening - my husband was in bed already. Suddenly it felt like an electrical shock went through my body and I felt completely incapacitated. I waited several moments until I felt a little better and was able to wake my husband and we drove to Trinity."


"Everyone was wonderful. The Emergency Room staff was efficient and responsive. Most of all, I appreciate the close relationship between Trinity and Iowa Heart - that is what makes the care outstanding," said Marian.


Marian had completed Trinity's Cardiac Rehab program following her first heart attack and had continued to participate in the Phase Three maintenance program. Since 1995 Marian has had several cardiac events. Working with the Cardiac Rehab program Marian has been able to regain her strength and return to an active lifestyle. The rehab program is a medically supervised program that helps patients recover quickly and improve their overall physical and mental function. The goal of Trinity's program is to reduce the risk of another cardiac event or to keep an already present heart condition from getting worse. "I'm thankful for Trinity's Cardiac Rehab program - for my fellow participants and for the efficient and effective staff. They are a good support group and my security blanket. They are always there to help me."


"When you have recurring health problems you are very grateful to have quality care close to home," Marian added. "And thanks to Trinity Cardiac Services, Cardiac Rehab and Iowa Heart I am able to stay active and do things I love to do."