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Celebrating our new family. Our Miracle, Our Trinity.

Sometimes it takes a lot to melt a big man's heart, but just the very presence of little Maddisen can turn her father to mush. It's been that way from the day she was born.


Due to be born in early August, "Maddie" arrived a month early causing a scare for new parents Steve and Jamie Hoshaw of Sac City. Fortunately, the Hoshaws had the expertise of Trinity Birth Center's staff to bring them safely through the unexpected delivery.


"While I was at work at Iowa Central, I started to feel some cramping but didn't really think anything of it. It wasn't until I realized that I was bleeding that I knew something was wrong," explains Jamie. "While someone phoned ahead that we were on our way, one of my co-workers rushed me to the hospital. When I arrived there were two nurses waiting to take me to the OB floor. I was so scared, but the nurses helped to calm me down so that I wouldn't upset the baby."


"When I got the call Jamie was heading to the hospital, I was really shook up," shares new dad, Steve. "I went to the ER not realizing she had gone directly the OB floor. I was feeling a bit lost and dazed. I was relieved when I ran into our doctor, Dr. Welch, getting on the elevator and I knew we were both heading in the same direction. Normally, Dr. Welch and I joke around with each other, but when he said that they needed to do an emergency c-section, I could tell by the look on his face that things were not good."


As a result of a tear in her placenta, Jamie was rushed to have an emergency C-section. Because there was not time for epidural, Jamie was put completely under and Steve had to stay in the waiting area.

"I'm not one who gets emotional, but when the nurse came in to say both Jamie and the baby were okay, I just broke down and cried," professed Steve. "We were so thankful to Dr Welch and the OB staff." Since then, little Maddie has had her daddy wrapped around her tiny finger.


"After Maddie was born, I heard some stories of women who had a similar experience and did not have a good outcome," shares Jamie. "But the quick response and ability of our doctor and nurses, made all the difference for our family. I arrived at the hospital about 2:45 and Maddie was born at 3:07." Maddie was born at 35 weeks and 5 days. She was healthy, but because her lungs weren't working to full capacity Maddie would have to stay in the Intensive Care Nursery for twelve days.


"I woke up with Steve and my nurse close by to assure me everything was going to be okay," stated Jamie. "Later that evening, my nurse helped me get to the nursery to see Maddie for the first time. Everyone was so helpful and assisted me in holding her which was difficult due to the monitors that she was hooked up to. Steve and I were so scared since she was early, but the nurses were very reassuring and told us that she was doing well and just needed a little oxygen."

Because Maddie was not able to go home right away, Jamie was offered a room to stay in when it was time for her to be discharged. During that time Jamie found her stay at the Trinity Birth Center to be extremely beneficial stating, "The nurses were so helpful and caring. They answered any questions that I had, and being a first time mom, I had a lot! They also encouraged me to rest and took really good care of me."


Today Maddie is healthy and thriving despite a couple illnesses that placed her back in the hospital on Trinity's Pediatric floor. Each stay was relatively short but as Jamie shares, "It's not fun to have your child in the hospital. The one bright spot was seeing some familiar faces of nurses we originally had in while in the Intensive Care Nursery. It could have been so much worse had we not had such good nurses and doctors."


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