Our health system has a new name. Iowa Health System is now UnityPoint Health

Discover Trinity

Discover Trinity

UnityPoint Health - Trinity

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Our Priority

As a member of the UnityPoint Health, UnityPoint Health - Trinity is unwavering in its commitment to providing every patient with the right care at the right time, in the right place, the first time. In keeping with this commitment, we will align people, processes, information and performance - emphasizing collaboration, innovation, shared learning, and stimulating professional quality, service and safety.

In doing so, we design and implement clinical systems that utilize evidence-based best practices, yield optimal outcomes, simplify processes, assure efficient use of resources, embody our commitment to continuous improvement, and make UnityPoint Health the provider of choice for every Iowan.

In attaining this vision, we commit ourselves to healing with our hands, teaching with our minds, and caring with our hearts.

Our Technology


UnityPoint Health - Trinity is using 3D echocardiography, a new advancement in echocardiography. The 3D echocardiography generates real-time, instantaneous images, providing a more detailed view of the heart and surrounding tissue and muscles than what is generated through traditional echocardiograms. The enhanced image clarity aids physicians in obtaining more accurate diagnoses. While traditional echocardiograms show one slice of the heart at a time, 3D echo acoustically scans multiple slices and reconstructs a live 3D image. It reveals parts of the heart previously missed, such as the right side and one of the valves, and helps get more accurate diagnosis of conditions, such as hardened arteries. The new 3D technology can help doctors make better diagnostic decisions because they can view the data from any angle and see views not obtainable from conventional two-dimensional echo.


Portable Ultrasound
The Cardiovascular Lab recently started using a portable ultrasound machine for use at mobile sites and stroke screens. The machine allows for quick and portable scanning in emergent situations since the machine can be turned on en route to the patient with the battery pack on board.    

Portable exams can be a challenge, and getting clear diagnostic data is complicated by many factors. The portable machine now provides image quality needed for diagnostic confidence wherever it is needed. The CX50's image quality makes it the ideal choice for critically ill patients, where space and equipment give limited access. The system's portability means premium performance 2D, Doppler and color flow are available.  

ENT Surgical Navigation Unit
Trinity currently offers the ENT surgeons a surgical navigation unit from Medtronic. This navigation system, similar to GPS (global positioning system), is a tool used by surgeons to track instrumentation in relation to the patient's anatomy and track the anatomy itself.  In addition, it can be utilized to quantify soft tissue balancing during a surgical procedure. Surgical navigation improves patient outcomes by enhancing surgical performance, enabling minimally invasive techniques, decreasing risks and improving surgical times.


SPECT/CT is a new type of technology available in Trinity's Radiology department. The equipment offers the ability to combine Nuclear Medicine technology with Computer Tomography (CT). Nuclear Medicine is medical imaging that uses radioactive isotopes in the diagnosis of disease by injecting a radioactive pharmaceutical into a patient and then imaging the body. Nuclear Medicine tests primarily show the function of body parts. Imaging, such as Computer Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance (MR), show anatomical body parts. Trinity has SPECT/CT technology that allows the merging of Nuclear Medicine images and CT images. This provides the physician the ability to show function and anatomy of body parts. SPECT/CT allows for more precise location of disease within the body.


Our Facilities

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