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Trinity Lifeline

Benefits of Lifeline

Benefits of having Lifeline as a personal emergency responder for you or your loved one:

  • Help at the touch of a button (button is waterproof)

  • Two-way voice communication via high output speakerphone

  • Assurance that help has arrived through "closed loop protocol"

  • 24-hour professional and friendly monitoring personnel

  • Optional inactivity timer requiring patient to check-in daily

  • Remote answering capability which allows patient to answer phone calls by pressing their help button

  • Low battery signals from both help button and communicator

  • Rechargeable battery provides back-up power during failures

  • Continuous phone and power line checks to confirm operation

  • TelAssure 30 day automated test reminder

  • Installation performed with 24-48 hours

  • No limit on number of signals (patient can press their help button for social contact)